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Window films today are far more advanced than the films of the past. No more cracked or peeling films or films that change colour most films come with lifetime warranties from the manufactures

Why tint your windows?
Todays films are an amazing product packed with protection and costumer benefits
- UV Protection
- Solar Heat Control
- Solar Glare Control
- Fade Protection of costly furniture and fitting also car interiors
- Safety against shattered glass
- Security against intruders
- Decorative films look great and help with privacy
- Lower Energy running cost dew to better insulation of glass in your windows
Enhance the appearance of your vehicle with advanced technology in metallised films
- Rejects %99.9 of the suns harmful UV rays
- Rejects over %60of heat through the windows in your car which helps decrees the work load on your Air conditioner
- Reduces glare which helps with Driver fatigue
- Minimises injuries form flying and broken glass by holding glass fragments together
- Helps keep contents less visible and more secure
- Improves the resale of your vehicle not only by looking great but by protecting the interior
- Lifetime Australian wide warranties
Environmentally friendly and cost efficient way to help your home or work place be protected from the elements.
- Protect your expensive fittings and furniture by filtering out %99 of UV Rays
- Control your own environment inside by reducing hot spots on different sides of your house or office
- Lower the running costs of air conditioning and heating
- Stop harsh glare form the sun
- Enhance views
- Stops flying glass in the event of breakage
Frosted and Etched Films enhance your home or office with the ability to give privacy
Without losing light Great for office partitions can save the need for blinds or curtains
Company logos and patterns can be cut out or digitally printed we also have a wide range of soft translucent films with textured patterns and printed patterns
Security and safety films are specially designed for the application to glass and is relied upon around the world to protect lives and property these films provide around the clock protection holding shattered glass together to prevent injuries if a window is damaged by hail, cyclone, explosion flying debris or vandals safety film also add protection from theft it normal takes several hammer blows to break the glass and several more to produce a hole big enough to permit entry
One of the main uses of these films is to bring up to Australian standards older glass panels in family day care houses or even if you are selling a house and a glazing certificate is needed these films offer a far more cost effective alternative than reglazing